How do I choose the right Dentist ?

Dental Implants are the next best thing to your own teeth, the only down side being the length of treatment can take several months and the costs are slightly more than treatments such as dental bridges and dentures.

If you choose to have dental implants you want to ensure that the time and money you have invested in the treatment is a success and the best way to do this is by selecting the right dental implant dentist as this can make the difference between a successful or failed dental implant. It can also determine the fate of your teeth and gums, since unsuccessful dental implants can significantly damage your jaw bone.

The level of education, training and experience varies among dentists who perform dental implants, even if you need a basic dental implant treatment, you need to do your research and find a competent Implant Dentist who can demonstrate many years of experience.

As with most things in life, be aware that ‘’you get what you pay for’’, the cheapest work in the long term may not turn out to be the best.

To help you choose the right dental implant dentist here are a few questions you should ask your dentist (including our dentists) at your consultation.

Q1. How long have you been placing dental implants? There is no substitute for experience and training

Q2. How many dental implants do you typically place each year? A skilled implant dentist will normally place 100 – 300 hundred implants each year, if not more. Dental Implants should form a large part of what they do on a daily basis.

Q3. What are your 5 and 10 year success rates? The success rate of dental implants is extremely high about 95% in most cases. However, doctors that do not have as much experience or use the latest technology can often have much lower success ratios.

Q4. How many continuing education courses in dentistry and dental implants in particular have you taken over the past two years? Dental implant procedures are continually advancing; you need a dentist who is dedicated to continually improving their skills and keeping abreast of advancements.

Q5. What make of dental implants do you use? Once you know the make you can research if it is market leading make or a low cost copy.

Dental Implant Questions

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